Benjamin Birkner


Shooting with Alessandro was an entirely new experience for me since it was my very first photo shoot including posing. Because of his creativity and being full of ideas finding the right poses was not a problem. He also kept listening and responding to my contributions of ideas which characterizes him. And even though we did not always share the same opinion he would always respect and accept the opinion I had about poses and photographs.

The working atmosphere during the shooting was very enjoyable. The photographer was doing his best in making me feel comfortable, and his photographs helped me a lot in becoming more self-confident than I was before. In addition he appeared to be a caring person aside the working space. I am also thankful for the patience he had with me since I didn't make it too easy for him.
Overall my memories of working with him are very positive and I am really happy with the results.


Andrés Ekenberg


My work with Alessandro is one that redefined my concept of passion, he helped me discover my true calling when he gave me the opportunity to co-direct and act on his photo shoots, we had twists and turns on our week together from performing on a bipolar and aggressive weather to getting in trouble when some rather conservative neighbors decided they wanted to ruin our session (good thing we were too quick for them). He’s a person that I would definitely trust when it comes to capturing an idea that seems too irrational and abstract to actually be captured, be assured he’ll have the skills to get the job done.


Joel Duran


I did with Alessandro a great photo shoot, in which primary priorities were seriousness and desire to do a good job. With a very basic hardware and no crew we did a lot, using analog cameras in a location lost in the middle of nothing! Last but not least, I really appreciated the patience and sympathy of the photographer! 


Henrique Leandres


Working with Alessandro was a really fun, spontaneous and gratifying experience. He approached me out of nowhere and with no previous experience of any kind of modelling, I really had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me. 

In the end, at the moment of the photo shoot, none of that mattered. Ale's experience and communication skills made everything feel fluid and clear. I had an amazing time: even though we took pictures on a crowded area, never once I felt exposed, and all the climbing and posing made me travel back in time to when I explored abandoned places back home as a kid. It's always awesome to get to meet and even better to work with bold and bright people like Alessandro and I'll be forever glad I took this shot.


Leonardo Sacchetti


The photoshoot with Alessandro has been a very successful experience. We made artistic and fascinating photographs, in specific locations chosen by him: they were perfect for the shooting. I worked with other photographers, but the nice thing about Alessandro, besides reliability, was the way he made me feel at ease, without putting any hurry while shooting. I felt I was working with a pro photographer. Another interesting aspect, Alessandro has a great creativity with planning the poses, which were always different. Finally, the photoshoot has been a real success and a great experience that I cannot wait to live again.


Mateusz Burman


When Alessandro asked me for the first time if I wanted to take a part in his project I was like "hell no!". He was very understanding, polite and he didn't try to force me to do it. Than we just started talking about ourselves. He has plenty of curiousity about people who he wants to work with and that was the reason why he didn't need to ask me again. It was me, who asked him if he was still interested to take a photoshoot.
He really cares about models and his major rule is to make you feel comfortable. That's why, after taking the first picture, my hands stopped shaking and I was totally relaxed. I felt that I was working with my buddy, who I knew from childhood. During taking pictures Alessandro always wants to involve you into project and show the part of that who you really are. That's why the final results really impressed me and I also discovered another part of myself that I didn't know yet... I love being naked!


Max Nelson Pinheiro


Be in front of Panelli's lenses was a very brave step for me. I was able to see myself through his eyes and most important, through his way of seeing. Which at the end gave me some sense of closure in many aspects and personal empowerment.
When I compare this shoot with the first one, all I can think is how incredibly everything change. As an amator model I know how hard it was for me to consider this kind of exposition: soul and body, both united to honour nature, to manifest energy and finally, to be captured.
The forest around us brought its life to a dead place and vibrate into a hybrid.
Panelli always makes me feel very secure, the whole session was a reflection of our relationship, a friendship with lots of trust. Panellis's work is something I've always turn to, in moments of lack of inspiration, as a pseudo-poet he inspires me.
I wouldn't say it was a "life changing experience", but with no doubt, it was an experience that changed me; and the danger of showing has also released me.


Umberto Paggi


My first experience as a nude model has been extremely positive, both from a personal and working point of view, thanks to Alessandro: a willing and serious person behind the camera with the ability to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and to make the model comfortable. I am very pleased with the final result, for which I have to thank the photographer who was able to direct me patiently finding time to time the most appropriate pose, and taking advantage of the little that was present in the location in an excellent way.