Reckless Serenade?

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a singer. The title of this post is going to be really important in the next future, as it was, since I started being a photographer. Unconsciously the concept of the reckless serenade was always present in my photographic work, but it was mainly imprisoned in my postproduction notebooks about composition with models and moreover in my personal taste, when I find myself choosing unknown and "not skilled" models for my pictures. The problem is that I never realized it. 

Then 2011 came. Being a spasmodic 'Arctic Monkeys' fan, I suddenly listened to the brand new 'Suck it and See' album and I came into contact with this song (which became, some months later, one of the singles): 'Reckless Serenade'. «What?!» was my first comment, while listening to it. The lyrics were magical and incredibly original. Then I took all the old notebooks and started reading them all: they were full of pictures tagged with those two words, "Reckless Serenade". 


As I said, the reckless serenade will be an important future theme in my work. But this is only a part of the story, because is going to be the title of my first book... 

“Topless models
Doing semaphore
Wave their flags as she walks by
And get ignored

On a rainy day
When she walks her footsteps sing
A reckless serenade


Those twinkling vixens
With a shining spiral eyes
Their hypnosis goes unnoticed 
when she’s walking by”

— 'Reckless Serenade', Arctic Monkeys

Obrigado + Future

Since the exposition in Lisbon is going to finish in few days, I want to say a huge 'thank you' to all humans (and also other animals) who visited Alfam'art. For the ones who want to go, just hurry up! In the end of the month the amazing Alfam'art staff will prepare the next exposition, so run there, have a drink and see my pictures! 


I'm afraid to say thank you to all the single ones who helped me, because I would surely forget someone. I just want to say that I will always remember all your commentscritics and feelings; these three last things will surely make me improve as a photographer and change my way to work forever. Do you feel the responsibility, now?! 


Let's speak about the future. Maybe you will see my pictures somewhere, near or far far far far away... This means that I'm dealing for new expositions. Cool offers, I will let you know as soon as possible about this, in case of success. 

Picture Featured in TimeOut Lisboa Magazine

As you might know, I was one of the photographers of the last two Rabbit Hole parties. It was a great (awkward!) experience, but also an opportunity to work in a very difficult environment, as this kinds of parties are for a photographer, due to the amount of people and the continuous focus on the decisive moment. For a film photographer like me it was even more difficult: no zoom, no auto-focus, no auto-exposure. As a photographer, it was a real tour de force. 

More or less ten days ago, surprise! One of the pictures of the first party was published in the weekly TimeOut Lisboa Magazine. I'm so proud that someone chose one of my pictures, considering that I think it's one of the worst of that night... 

Let's take a look at the original picture...