#youngMASTERS: Hannah Nagle

Hannah Nagle is not only a 18-years-old aspiring photographer, but also an optimistic one. Optimism is the main feature of her photography style, with a peculiar similarity with Gustav Klimt’s colors and composition in some of her shots. Her picture are a great expression of a simple teenage vision of the world. 

Different. This is the first adjective you will think about Hannah Nagle’s pictures. Different does not necessarily mean "good" or "not good", as Apple told us many almost a decade ago with a memorable TV ad. Why should her photography be different? Some of her most beautiful results are an amazing combination of photography and painting. In these picture the subject is her sister, who seems an innocent model and gives to the final results an amazing youth feeling, when you watch them. 

Hannah tend to photograph things around her, not forcing the environment around her, looking for amazing locations, finding great and beautiful models, etc. It seems like she’s looking to stop some real moments and events which happen around her; this is the reason why the subject she often “use” is her sister and everyday objects and locations. 

The impression I got is that she does not take her photography activity too seriously, but she tries to play and experiment in different kinds of situations; I think this is the best way to practice and improve one’s skills, not only in photography, but in many kind of fields. 

One main important thing we all should learn from this very young (and very talented) photographer, is that we should stop watching pictures mainly from a technical point of view, in terms of focus, composition, subject, cropping, rules of thirds, golden rule, light, no light, light leaks, light flares; we should watch pics as pieces of art, even merging photography with other kind of techniques, as collage and ink, for example. Picture could be also amazing not simply as they are from the film, if you modify them in an analog way.