#youngMASTERS: Elizabeth Weinberg

Elizabeth Weinberg is a pretty well known for how able she is to make her awesome pictures look like a film. She’s hadn’t studied properly photography and this made the difference in her composition style, because of her incredible ability to add curious personality to her portrait shots. 

Elizabeth is a 29 years old professional photographer who lives in Brooklyn (NY). She made some really interesting work, publishing some great books like «Of Recklessness and Water», which is simply amazing. 

The prettiest thing you could learn from Elizabeth is that you don’t necessarily get to a great photo school in order to be a great photographer: she has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, with a concentration in Photojournalism. According to her, technical knowledge is not so important, because you can learn a lot of that by yourself; the most important thing about photography is practicing and work in the photography environment. 


I think that is the bet way to approach photography, because your style has not always to be the one kind schools tend to teach to students. Nowadays photography schools are mostly focused on technical aspects and on teaching a descriptive photojournalist style, but this is not what most of the students want to do/learn. Developing a personal style is something possible with an introversive analysis and requires experiences that you can do only outside your school, maybe with many years of practice. This is the main kind of approach Elizabeth had. 

An other feature of Elizabeth’s approach to photography is her behavior during a set: you should enjoy the set and what you’re shooting. If not, your work won’t be so cool. I think this is mostly about not being influenced too much by editors or other people who try to change your style or approach to taking pictures. 

Elizabeth’s pictures have an original soul and a great emotional impact on the audience, maybe because they’re not obvious and have always a peculiar way to surprise.