#youngMASTERS: Maud Chalard

You could just watch one of Maud’s latest series “Lovers”, in which the viewer is suddenly touched by how intimate some of the characters were. Some of the subjects in her album “fucking beautiful” seem to be genuinely in love with one another. This kind of feelings are possible through photography only with a profound and personal relationships between the photographer and the subjects, not ruined by the presence of a camera. But surprisingly, she didn’t know the couples before she made a online calling for non-professional models couples; she talked to them, trying to understand why they were willing to pose for her. 

Everything started withe her partner, both in work, play and life. Théo and her have a huge amount of romantic content spread all along the internet, some of the most jealousy-inducing of all time is posted in their Instagram accounts. 



The aim of Maud’s photographs is relaunching the trust in love, something which is (according to her) missing in the everyday life, due to the way people behave nowadays. Thanks to photography she was able to get a cool job in advertising and a good-looking boyfriend, until now. You could think that Maud is nothing but a hippie - and maybe she is - but her pictures are meant to be genuine; she shot pictures with real couples, many of them are picture of her and her boyfriend. If it was possible to describe her photography lifestyle in a word, that word would be “sentimental”. 

The majority of her work is made with a Nikon FM2, with medium format film. When she saw the first Instagram pictures, with that typical vintage shadow and analog aesthetic, she thought: «Fuck, I can do that as well. I want to do it. I started spending hours transforming my digital pictures to make them look like if I used analog… That was ridiculous! And did not work at all. Two years ago, in March, when I first started using analog it became natural. Now I digitally change the contrast but that’s pretty much it». 

Maud admits she tends to prefer natural light and that she doesn’t actually know that much about how to manipulate artificial light, since she never attended any photographic formation or classes. «I’m more about the tiny corners, beds, near a window. And skins, the expression of a body. I care about the light, but only a bit». 

Maud and Théo are planning a trip in the US for the next months, escaping from Paris for a while. We are sure they’re going to come back with a lot of brand new sentimental shots…

some Maud's pictures...