Facebook is Prude

The Facebook article was definitely a bomb. I discovered many experiences from people who had the same issue with artistic nude photographs. I'm surprised (or not?!) to know that I wasn't the only one to be the victim of Facebook policies, which, I know, I silently accepted Facebook policies, as all of us did. I really appreciate Facebook service, in particular using AdBlock Plus which block all those hateful ads. Ads are one of the ways which Facebook uses to gain money, with paid promotions. 

Now what can I say? Facebook is prude, as many US companies are used to behave. I don't get the point of behaving like this, or better I understand that being "politically correct" is a way to not "insult" people beliefs and culture. But this goes way beyond the limit of the understandable. Art is art, porn is something completely different. There's no religion or philosophy that can justify this. As many photographers documented borderline lifestyle, transgender prostitution or drug addiction, people know that that's not sex or drug abuse propaganda. 


Facebook has to change.  

In the meantime, I started using hello.co

[ https://ello.co/alessandropanelli


If you need an invite, just write me your email address.

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