wtf?! - What the Facebook

I'd like to speak about something happened the last week. I published an album, a controversial one, I know.  It was a male nude portrait photography album, but I didn't think it would have generated so much "noise" among my followers and public. People were really amazed about that, saying that it was inspiring and very original; the only exception was some few people who expressed their disappointment, for political and ethical reasons: their point was that two naked boys together in a shooting represent, according to them, a homosexuality propaganda. I personally don't agree with that, but everything is ok until it limits my freedom of expression: I left them tell whatever they wanted, some of them reported my posts, but it was fine. 

The shit happened when Facebook arrived. I never posted nude pictures in Facebook, I just linked my albums in my public page. If someone reported my links, it's fine. I didn't like Facebook's reaction: I was accused of pornographic propaganda and they tried to block and delete my public page. Finally they didn't delete it, but I was severely warned about that. Probably they understood it was just artistic nude photography, but I think that their behavior was unacceptable and unfair.

The conclusion of Facebook's policies  is that Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj butts are LEGAL in Facebook, but nude portrait photographs like Helmut Newton ones are ILLEGAL and people like me are banned.

Let's see what kind of pictures they asked me to remove, in comparison to the ones they usually let stay in Facebook and go viral without any problem.


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Alessandro Panelli6 Comments