Introducing the Lubitel 166+ Series


What I’m going to speak about in this series is how to first approach to a camera which is still quite simple to use (like all Lomo cameras) but infinitely customizable, from a setting point of view. The real power if this camera is not the design, but a group of different features that only this camera has: an amazing and very peculiar history, the philosophy which is behind the camera (and many times is not so easy to recognize it), some really cool additional accessories that you can find in the box (with the camera), the amazing and stunning all manual shooting styletechnical features which you cannot find in other cameras, easiness to improve your shooting with this camera (in a very fast way), the ability of discovering some really cool experimental techniques. 


These are all the things I'm going to speak about in this series. I hope you will enjoy it… 

I bought a Lubitel 166+, which was in my wishlist from a very long time. The Lubitel 166+ one of the Lomography-produced cameras, inspired by the original Lubitel 166 Universal. I’d like to share all the things I discovered about it, after using it for two years. 

The price of this camera is not so attractive, but I really suggest to save up for it because it could seriously change your shooting philosophy.

Risen from the ashes of the old project of the Lubitel 166+ Universal, the Lomographic Society took the ancient project and improved it. It has no auto mode at all, so you have to set all the shooting parameters yourself and manually, before pressing the shutter. Surely the old fashioned aspect is very attractive; I personally think that twins lens cameras (TLR) have all a really cool design, but I particularly love Lubitel 166+ design, because it's quite minimal.