Ferrania, a Kickstarter Opportunity

Finally the salvation army of Ferrania released a Kickstarter campaign. I think it’s the best way they could save the factory and the film business, set in northern Italy. Giving new life to the factory thanks to the help of their future customers is, in my opinion, a great way to avoid the influences of investors who are not interested in photographic and movie film industry. 


So now we have the chance to be Ferrania’s partners, collaborating with their team in order to save Trixie, Walter and Bad Boy. No, I’m not going crazy: they’re simply the names of the three machinery Ferrania needs to produce high quantity of film at a low cost. These machinery already exist and belong to other companies which bought the former Ferrania’s buildings. 


In order to maintain a sustainable production, Ferrania needs to save these machineries before the buildings’ demolition.


Support on Kickstarter: 


Alessandro PanelliComment