Alessandro Panelli (aka yo.panic or .panic) is a doctor, a photographer and a writer based Berlin, Germany. 

Born in Venice (Italy), I have always had to juggle between science and art since middle school. Eventually, such a conflict ceased when I chose Medicine for a living and photography as my artistic expression. 

Though it started as a haphazard, recreational distraction, photography has now become a more and more serious pursuit every day. I jibbed at digital photography, because I felt it too unnatural and too easily altered and airbrushed by digital post-production. I fine-tuned my technique early on by trying analog photography. Since that moment I have never gone back to digital.

I published in 2016 my first photographic book. 

Slowly attempting to finish my novel.  


«Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.»

Henri Cartier-Bresson


I never felt close enough in taking the perfect picture, not even once. That's the goal I have in photography: always continuing in this endless pursuit of perfection, not caring so much if the moment of the perfect picture will ever happen. 

Matching perfection and the mistake [which is one of my favorite themes in photography], can be quite hard. The awkward aspect is that the mistake, in my opinion, is perfection, due to the unique meaning it can have in a picture and the relationship between the subject and the controlled technical mistake. 


Photography Diploma

@ Hollywood Art Institute

24th of August 2015